Johnathan's Fund

You love JP?  Then you love Johnathan.
You love Lee?  Then you love JP and Johnathan.
They are a package deal!  Three hearts beating as one.

There has been some bad news but we are going to make something good happen.  With his uncle/papa/protector/best friend JP out of commission, Johnathan needs his village to reach out.  We can help hold Johnathan up during this most difficult time.  And you know JP- he’d do anything for Johnathan; what we do for Johnathan means more to JP than what we do for JP.

You have met Johnathan- he is autistic.  A wonderful, loving, intelligent, giving, smart, talented autistic man.  His road in life can be tougher than ours and it might take a bit longer to reach his goals, but there is no doubt that with the support of his village- us- he will get there.

Johnathan is eligible for an ABLE account.  That is a tax-free savings account that is only for his needs- such as paying for college courses, books, food, transportation, medical expenses, anything he needs.  We want to band together and fund Johnathan’s ABLE account so that with JP battling that devil cancer and Lee working and helping JP, there is one less thing for them to worry about.  Because for JP and Lee, Johnathan always comes first. 

We are setting up this fundraising effort through our nonprofit, The Sunshine Project, Inc. [a 501(c)(3)], so that the donations are not charged crowdfunding site fees (7.9% per donation).  By setting this up through our nonprofit, PayPal will waive all fees.  This means 100% of your donation will go to Johnathan’s ABLE account, which is managed by Lee. 

If you prefer to pay by check, no problem.  Send a check made out to The Sunshine Project Inc. with “Johnathan Cox” on the memo line.  100% of a check donation will be deposited into Johnathan’s ABLE account. Checks can be mailed to 1004 Grand Isle Way, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418.

All donations are tax deductible. 

JP’s sick and we all want to cry.
Best thing to do is help the apple of his eye.